LimFlow Procedure


“No Option” CLI

Patients who have non-reconstructible distal arterial occlusive disease are referred to in the literature as the ‘no option’ CLI patient population (3).  These are patients where PAD has evolved to a point where the arteries cannot be revascularized (i.e. Angioplasty or Bypass).  It has been estimated that between 14 and 20% of CLI patients are “No-Option”13,14.  They are in general sicker and are at higher risk of getting a Major Amputation.

Considering all risk factors associated with amputation, it is of paramount importance to take all possible steps to salvage an affected limb before considering cutting it.

The novel LimFlow procedure venous reinvents the anatomy in a percutaneous treatment that diverts blood around diseased arteries and into the tibial vein to perfuse an ischemic foot. Our proprietary technologies and expertise enable Vascular Specialists to provide new hope for their "Desert Foot" patients by delivering high levels of oxygenated blood flow hence promoting wound healing and reduced amputation rates.

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