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LimFlow Overview

When you live with PAD that progresses to CLTI, life becomes challenging. It revolves around your leg pain, which is always with you, and can become unbearable over time. You plan your steps with care, worrying “how can I walk that far?” At the end-stage of the disease, you may suffer from ulcers on your feet that just won’t heal. Your mobility and quality of life lessens considerably.

Finally, your doctor begins discussing the amputation of your foot or lower leg to resolve your leg wounds – a drastic step that will change your life. LimFlow was designed to give patients a new option before facing that. MORE…

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The LimFlow System

LimFlow is a minimally-invasive technology designed to divert blood around diseased arteries in the leg and into one of the tibial veins that feed the foot, delivering blood and oxygen to starved tissue in the foot. An abundance of oxygen in the foot is known to relieve pain and promote healing of chronic wounds, which may avoid amputation and improve quality of life. MORE…

U.S. Clinical Trial

The LimFlow clinical trial is a multi-center, prospective, single-arm study being conducted at three U.S. centers encompassing 10 “no option” CLTI patients. Endpoints include amputation-free survival at one month, patency, limb salvage and wound healing. Subjects will be followed out to two years.

The primary investigator is Jihad Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI, director of Cardiovascular Cath Labs, Endovascular Interventions and Cardiovascular Research at the Metro Health – University of Michigan Health.

Trial sites include:

  • Metro Health – University of Michigan Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Palmetto Health, USC Medical Group, Colombia, South Carolina
  • Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, Hawaii

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