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The LimFlow System

Your doctor recommends amputation, but you are not ready for the dramatic impact it will have on your life…what do you do now? LimFlow is designed to offer you another option before facing the prospect of major amputation.

LimFlow is a minimally-invasive technology designed to divert blood around diseased arteries in the leg and into the tibial veins that feed the foot, bringing blood and oxygen to starved tissues in the foot. An abundance of oxygen in the tissue can immediately relieve pain and promote healing of chronic wounds for many patients, improving their quality of life and getting them back to the things they love.

Standard Treatment Pathway for CLI

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How it Works

In a minimally-invasive manner, an ultrasound catheter is inserted into a vein at the ankle, while another ultrasound catheter is inserted into an artery in the groin.
The catheters are advanced until they arrive at the location of the blockage in the artery. An ultrasound signal confirms the best location to create a channel from the artery into the vein.
A connection is then made by sending a needle from the ultrasound catheter into the vein, which is slightly enlarged using a low-profile balloon to facilitate passage of other devices.
A device known as a “Push Valvulotome” travels through the vein down to the foot, disabling the valves so oxygenated blood can flow down to the foot instead of upwards to the heart, as usually happens within veins.
A crossing stent is deployed from the artery to the vein, and additional stents are installed moving downwards to the foot, which is designed to create a new channel for high and continuous blood flow to rush into the foot. The vein may now begin to play the same role blocked arteries used to play. This may all be achieved without open surgery.