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LimFlow Products

The LimFlow system consists of a family of fully percutaneous products designed to optimize perfusion of the critically ischemic foot by facilitating revascularization of the pedal arch.

The LimFlow Ultrasound Arterial and Venous Catheter Kit and
Ultrasound Monitor System

The LimFlow Ultrasound Arterial and Venous Catheter Kit and Ultrasound Monitor System

  • The proprietary Ultrasound Arterial and Venous Catheters emit ultrasound signals, whose strength can be viewed on the user-friendly interface of the Ultrasound Monitor System to determine the optimal crossing point. This is intended to enable safe and reproducible deployment of the crossing stent from the artery into the targeted vein.
  • A beveled and arterial catheter-embedded needle with a long distal purchase allows for multiple crossing options.

The LimFlow Valvulotome

  • A unique and purpose-made “Push Valvulotome” is designed to be positioned just above the foot valve and then pushed down to cut the valve in the downward direction blood flow should travel. This makes the process of rendering the valve incompetent easier than the more traditional process of pulling through the valve, and is designed to maximize forward flow of blood for full and immediate pedal arch arterialization.
  • A cutting basket with forward-facing hooks is designed to preserve the venous walls of the foot and avoids vessel trauma by obviating the need for high-pressure balloons to improve outflow.

The LimFlow Stents

Extension Covered Stents

  • Novel electrospun PTFE-covered nitinol Extension Stents are designed to maximize outflow to the foot by keeping valves in the calf open, while blocking smaller veins from taking flow back to the heart.

Crossing Stents

  • The proprietary Crossing Stent system is designed to create the channel for the blood to move from artery to vein, and offers precise and easy deployment with a distinct nitinol stent design and an enhanced pin-and-pull stent delivery system.
  • Its novel design is a reverse conical stent with electrospun PTFE cover material, engineered with a smaller end on the artery to protect it from trauma and a larger end on the more robust vein to maximize outflow.

Stent Graft Sizing